Hey There, I’m Katie, Owner and Esthetician at See You Next Tuesday Wax Parlor! I am an Orange County, CA based esthetician specializing in Brazilian waxing for all genders. I have been a licensed and practicing esthetician since 2013 and pride myself on providing a clean, friendly, comforting and non-judgemental environment for all of my clients, no matter their age, size, shape, color or gender!

My Specialty is the Brazilian wax, and I can complete most services in 10-15 minutes.  I use a high-end oil-soluble Italian soft cream wax made from lemon balm oil, that is specially made for sensitive skin but great for all skin types! The formulation works great on all hair types from fine to coarse, this helps to create a less painful experience for my specialty of the Brazilian.  I believe that both women and men have the right to get waxed in a body positive and non-threatening and respectful environment. So I have strived to create a welcoming and friendly space in which to do so.

My background

A little bit more details (should you care to read more) After graduating with a BA in Visual Communications and a Minor in Public Relations from Hawaii Pacific University, I spent a total of 10 years pursuing a career in corporate radio and digital advertising. During this time, I also went to a Los Angeles based Make-up academy to become a certified Makeup Artist, I dabbled with a bunch of freelance gigs on the weekends away from my “Day Job” and it wasn’t until a LONG commute home one day, stuck in traffic, when I became so frustrated with commuting to a job, I really didn’t care about that I decided to change careers paths. So in January of 2013 I enrolled in the Esthetics program at Goldenwest Community College in Huntington Beach, CA. A few months later I graduated with my AA in Esthetics and passed my state board exam in June of 2013. Shortly there after, in September of 2013, a girlfriend I had gone to estie school with had remembered I expressed an interest in learning to take a course on Brazilian waxing so I could offer it as an added service to my Makeup Clientele. She had been hired by a prominent Southern California Wax Salon chain that specialized in Brazilian waxing, and asked if I was interested when they were hiring. I never in a BRAZILLION years would have expected that this would be a chosen career path for me, but on my first day of training after my third client, I knew I had “found my calling”.  A few months later I became the Managing Esthetician of the Tustin location of the popular waxing chain, and held that position for 4+ years until finally deciding to open my own shop in July of 2018. I often get asked “What would make you want to do this for a living?” and my answer has always been the same… I much prefer this industry and getting to know and comfort my clients on a personal level, in what can be one of the most uncomfortable and vulnerable encounters, then my previous career of a “9 to 5” sitting behind a desk punching numbers! Trust me, if you would have told me back when I graduated college, that this is what I would be doing for a living, I would have told you “You’re Crazy!” but I found my calling waxing hoo-has, and I am damn proud of it! Haha

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