How long does my hair need to be in order to get waxed?

It is best to have 3-4 weeks of growth since your last shave or trim. But the longer the hair, the better results you will get, If hair is any shorter then 2 weeks of growth, all 3 cycles of hair will not be grown out at the time of waxing, which will result in stubble being left and/or experiencing regrowth within a few days. Each cycle of growth should optimally be at about ¼ inch long in order to adhere to the wax for removal. Please keep in mind that all 3 cycles usually grow 2 weeks apart. And when you’re shaving the hair does grow more rapidly.

I have not shaved/trimmed in months or years, can I trim before my service?

PLEASE DON’T! I know, you may be embarrassed or feel the need to explain yourself about the 1970’s bush… but so often I have clients that have had months of growth trim right before their service, and the clippers or scissors cut the hair too close to the skin, so the client is left with a lot of stubble post wax.

Listen, we ALL have body hair, and I tell my clients, if you didn’t have hair, I WOULDN’T have a job!

So for the love of God…please put down the clippers and let me do my damn job! I’ll trim if it’s necessary. And no, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. In my eyes, the longer the hair, the better! I want you to get the best results possible, so you’ll see how great waxing can be!

Does it hurt?

This is always the hardest question to answer because every person has a different pain level or tolerance. I will however say, hair is being removed from the follicle at the root level, so there is some slight discomfort, but most clients tend to find it to be very tolerable. The first wax always tends to be the most painful service you will experience as the hair is more deeply rooted when you are shaving or trimming. By your second wax, you should experience the pain level drop by about 50% from your first wax, and it becomes more and more tolerable with consistency.

How often do I need to come in to get waxed?

Every 4 or 6 weeks generally speaking. I always recommend to my clients to come at the 6 week mark, this gives enough time for all 3 cycles to grow out and you will pull all 3 out simultaneously, which will eventually lead to longer-lasting waxes once all of the cycles sync up. Some clients prefer to come every 4 weeks, and that is totally fine, you will still leave with clean results, however only 2 growth cycles will be waxed out and that 3rd cycle will start growing in shortly post wax (typically 1½-2 weeks)

How long will my wax last before I see regrowth?

If you’re consistently coming every 6 weeks you can obtain close to 3-4 weeks of hairlessness. These are optimal results and you should begin to notice them after your 3rd or 4th consistent wax.  If you’re coming every 4 weeks, you will optimally get about 2 weeks of hairlessness before seeing any regrowth.


Please also keep in mind that every single person’s hair grows at different rates, it is best to stay consistent with waxing with the same esthetician so they can best gauge YOUR typical hair growth and advise on when you should be coming in for best results. Some clients can go 8 weeks before needing a wax, some can go 5 weeks, it all depends on the person and their genetics.

Is there anything I can do to make my wax experience less painful?

Yes. I recommend avoiding caffeine for atleast 5-8 hours prior to your service. Also taking an ibuprofen or other non-caffeinated pain reliever about 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to your service drastically reduces any inflammation during and post wax.


Additionally, being well hydrated for a few days leading up to your wax also helps prep the skin for a less painful service.


For larger body service areas (ie legs, back, arms) It is also recommended to exfoliate 24 hours prior to your service, nothing too harsh, just a light scrub or dry brush before hand to remove any dead skin cells that may be trapping hair underneath the skin.

Can I get waxed if I am on my period?

Yes. However, some women experience skin sensitivity and irritability during this time. It is not a contraindication, and you may choose to still get waxed… I just like to let people know you may experience a slighty more painful wax during the menstrual cycle. It is not awkward or weird for me AT ALL and it is actually quite common for me to wax women during their menstrual cycles, all I ask is that a fresh tampon be inserted prior to the wax service.

Can I shave in between wax services?

My answer to this has always been the same… It is your body, you can do whatever the heck you want!

However, I HIGHLY advise against shaving in between waxing services as it will confuse the hair follicle and you are more likely to get ingrowns, skin irritations and razor burn.

Shaving makes the hair grow back thicker and faster this will result in a much more painful wax during your next visit.

Can I tan or get a spray tan before/after my wax?

You should never have prolonged sun exposure within 72 hours before or after getting waxed.  Any amount of redness or pink skin due to sun exposure either natural or artificial can results in lifting the skin (removing layer of live skin cells) which can cause scabbing and/or scarring.


Skin can be photosensitive and more susceptible to sunburn for up to 72 hours post wax. So it is always recommended to avoid sun, or be sure waxed area is either covered by clothing or sunscreen post wax.


Spray tanning before your wax service will result in the tan being removed from the waxed area.  Getting spray tanned post wax is ok, but it is recommended to wait atleast 24-48 hours so the follicle has time to close back up and spray tan cannot enter open follicle resulting in what looks like freckles.

Sometimes my Wax session hurts more then regular, Why?

Please note, that skin is the largest organ in the body, so pain levels can fluctuate and change for a number of reasons.

However, the most common reason is any hormonal changes within the body, so pre or post menopausal women, women within 5 days before or after their menstrual cycle, women who have recently changed birth control medication or methods, or even women experiencing more stress then usual are likely to experience a more painful wax.

Also, increased caffeine intake or dehydration (not drinking enough water) can also cause the wax to be slightly more painful.

Pain fluctuations should subside with consistent appointments.

Can I work out or have sex after my wax?

It is highly recommended to avoid working out or any sexual activity immediately following a wax session. However, I also say… LIVE YOUR LIFE! Haha  If this cannot be avoided, just be sure to wash/cleanse the waxed area immediately following working out or other “extra-curricular activities” as to remove any foreign bacteria. The only contraindication if this cannot be avoided will be that you’re more likely to experience a small breakout or small bumps should bacteria enter the open follicles. This is easily resolved by beginning manual exfoliation 48 hours post-wax (see AFTERCARE PAGE) 

Can I get a wax while pregnant?

YES! While I am completely comfortable waxing women who are up to 40  weeks pregnant, it is ALWAYS BEST to get your doctor’s approval to wax, especially if you are considered high risk!

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